Running From Wolves – We Aren’t Even A Real Band EP Review

Running From Wolves are a five man band that formed in Sunderland, England in April 2010. Their  influences of “DIY shows, aggressive music, and life” really shows in their music. Especially in their new EP.

This EP with tracks such as DTF, On The Streets, Your Time Is Up and Snake Assets, hits you like a ton of bricks as the vocals draws you in along with the bass, drums, and guitars. Each song has it’s own unique individual style. This EP makes you immediately want to get up, move around, and start head banging. As for their music genre, Running From Wolves states, “For fans of most emotive hardcore, Running from Wolves have no boundaries and can’t be pigeon holed into one specific genre”.

Although the vocals draws you in, at some point it becomes hard to understand. The three vocalists of this band do not seem to blend well with each other and they do not work with the rhythm of the music, so it ends up sounding a bit sloppy.

Luckily this isn’t a consistent thing through out the EP just at certain parts.


Running with Wolves: Website|Facebook

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