Room Full Of Strangers – Bad Vacation Review

room full of strangers bad vacationBad Vacation is the new album from Room Full Of Strangers and to say it is an adventurous piece would be doing the album a disservice.

Put simply, Bad Vacation is a wild ride from start to finish and what is particularly good about this album is that you never know what is coming next; you think that you have Room Full Of Strangers sussed and then they pull a complete wildcard out of the bag! This is an album that keeps you on your toes and makes for an absolutely gripping listen as a result.

The saxophone lines, which feature on Summers In Space and Trash Can Annie, are a particularly welcome inclusion to the album, adding a lot to the two already fantastic tracks, and it really helps to give them an extra bite whilst also giving the songs a lazy and jazzy vibe, which juxtaposes well against the sheer momentum of the previous tracks – indeed, the opening track Guest Bath is jam-packed with energy and hits you like a tonne of bricks as soon as the opening rings out!

Room Full Of Strangers have created a monster with this album. Admittedly sometimes it does sound almost like disorganised chaos – but I have a feeling that’s exactly the sort of vibe they were going for with this beast!


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