Romans – -=+ Review

Romans Album Cover-=+ (pronounced: Less Is More) is the debut full-length release from British rock outfit Romans but is less really more when it comes to the album? Well…not quite.

The album is nice enough; an easy listen that features a passionate and heartfelt performance from Romans, but it feels like there’s something missing. There just isn’t anything that really stands out from the album and Romans wind up blending into an already-oversaturated genre rather than leaving an impression on you and it’s a shame because the band does have potential.

As mentioned earlier, the band play with a lot of passion and the album features a tight and together performance. Romans really respond well to one another and they move as one, rather than as individuals doing their own thing, and musically there isn’t much wrong despite its lack of complexity.

Whilst -=+ is certainly not a terrible album, it unfortunately does play more like background music than a listen that will keep you engaged from start to finish. It’s just average and doesn’t really provoke many extreme feelings either way.


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