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Roam ViewpointROAM are a UK pop punk band who recently signed to US Indie giant record label Hopeless Records; they’re the second British band to sign with them and their debut EP on Hopeless is a pop punk masterpiece.

The EP opens with the song Over Your Head which has some complex, powerful drums, catchy choruses and some great sounding guitar riffs. The bass has an incredible tone and really helps to add some texture that adds some grit and that punk feel to the song. The incredible bass work is shown throughout the EP, as are the catchy choruses. You’ll be singing along in no time to the catchy, heartfelt and well-written songs after a few listens easily. The guitar work through the EP is well written as well and works really well with the songs. The guitars in Safeguard are incredible and shows off that the guitarists can play a variety of styles going from some moving guitar riffs to some hard hitting, heavy tones that will make you head bang in no time.

The band’s first single of the EP, Warning Signs, opens with some instrumental that’ll make you jump, feels like the song was written with the live show in mind. The drums during the chorus really work and complement the vocals and they sound incredible, with some wicked snare work and the bass drum sounds so big and really works with the song. The vocals in the song suit the high tempo instrumentation, and the vocals sound so passionate and are really catchy – you’ll want to sing along to this one.

Overall, it’s an incredibly well written EP; it’s short but well written none the same. With some catchy choruses, pounding drums, beefy basses and fun filled songs the guys in ROAM are going to take the pop punk scene by storm.


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