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20roam backboneROAM are a British pop punk band from Eastbourne in the South of England and are one of the many up and coming British bands in this new wave of pop punk. The band’s debut album Backbone is an incredible piece of work that blends upbeat instrumental, catchy chorus’ and that extra something that the band have that make them so charming.

Deadweight is the lead single from the album and it is an incredible catchy song with upbeat instrumentation and is a great introduction to the album. The drums throughout the song are mind blowing and drummer Charlie Pearson is going to pave the way for a new generation of drummer. The upbeat theme follows throughout the album and Charlie shows off his phenomenal drumming throughout.

The band aren’t all snare drum and distortion though. Tracks is a slower song; the acoustic guitar leading the song sounds incredible and the vocals are rough yet refined, with catchy vocal hooks and lovely lyrics. It’s seemingly mandatory for a pop punk band to have a slower song on their albums and it’s clear ROAM haven’t dragged their heels when it came to writing this song, it sounds incredible, it builds up wonderfully and is going to be one of the many songs that pushes them into the limelight.

Head Rush is upbeat and full of energy, has a catchy bridge and well executed drops just like R.I.P. In Peace. The guitarwork in the album is written impeccably well and really helps to keep the songs pushing forward and add dynamics to the mix which helps give the songs some life.

Overall, the band’s debut album is in simple terms, awesome. Each song is a journey and the band have written a masterpiece of pure pop punk awesomeness that will elevate them to the frontlines of the pop punk army with the likes of Neck Deep and State Champs. Well executed vocals, incredible drumming, roaring bass lines and shredding guitar riffs throughout the album demonstrate just why these lads will be on the rise soon enough.


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