Road To Horizon – FAC251, Manchester 21/10/14

Road To Horizon UKtour

After legging it across Manchester to FAC251 following the Rainbowdragoneyes show at the Academy (you can read our review of his set right here), we arrived at the venue just in time to catch Road To Horizon take to the stage.

Having just released their new EP Faultlines (keep an eye on the site for our review in the coming few days), the set was naturally geared towards it and it was a good performance from the five piece. In particular, frontman Ben had a good amount of movement about the stage and it helped keep the set interesting.

In the past, I have posted my grievances about other bands having powerful lights onstage facing the crowd which are set to flash, as they can be blinding and headache-inducing, but Road To Horizon utilised their lights well, using them very sparingly for effect, and it added ambience and atmosphere to the performance, which was a nice touch.

Admittedly, it did feel like the performance was quite short and like they were padding for time at points, but that is perhaps to be expected from such a new band who don’t have a tremendous amount of material, but it was a decent set and there was a lot of promise from them – in a few years, Road To Horizon could really turn out to be one of the bigger names in post-hardcore.


Sadly due to illness, EnterTheLexicon didn’t play this date.

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