Rings Of Saturn – Lugal Ki En Review

rings of saturnIf you like your music fast, heavy and with noise practically projected at you, then Rings Of Saturn could well be a band that you’re going to appreciate.

Anyone can throw some clashing notes together, slap some harsh vocals on top and make an almighty din, but it takes a special sort of talent to create something as organised as Lugal Ki En. There’s crazy psychedelic melodies injected into the music at just the right places whilst not detracting from the sheer heaviness, and the vocals are powerful and perfectly punctuated. It makes for an all-round substantial listen and Rings Of Saturn should really be proud of what they’ve achieved with the songs on this album.

A really good element of Rings Of Saturn’s music is that they have really put their own stamp on their sound, with eerie little melodies included here-and-there in the songs, and a particularly good example of this is third track Lalassu Xul. It features an ace little repeating melody that is impossible to get out of your head, and it fits in perfectly amongst the rest of the track’s noisiness.

Lugai Ki En is certainly unique and Rings Of Saturn have really put a lot of work into ensuring they stand out from the crowd. A highly recommended listen.


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