Richie Ramone – Entitled Review

richie ramone entitledEntitled is the debut solo album from Richie Ramone, and it’s exactly what you might expect from the drummer – a fast-paced punky release that will get your foot tapping along from start to finish.

It’s a very energetic offering and a release that will surely go down an absolute storm live; the energy almost can’t be contained and it’s like it’s bursting at the seams, but the release does follow a fairly standard format throughout. It can be argued that punk is a fairly simplistic genre due to the very nature of what it’s about – no-nonsense rock and roll that doesn’t need flamboyant and showy instrumentation to make an impression – but it really doesn’t feel like there’s much variation on Entitled. At times it’s difficult to know where one song starts and the next one begins.

That’s not to say it’s a bad album because it’s a great little punchy number with a good few call-backs to Richie’s days as one quarter of The Ramones, and it will no-doubt appeal to Ramones fans as a result. However, as a stand-alone piece it does leave a little to be desired.


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