Repulsive Vision – Look Past The Gore and See The Art Review

_Album CoverThe first album from Cumbria’s Repulsive Vision is a brutal and visionary escapade with a pseudo-political diatribe that’s not just on the ball it’s one with it. With old school death metal at its core this is a mighty fine and impressive debut with which to disrupt your daily routine with. Contesting the superfluous PMA that’s prescribed by everyone but the Beeb while tackling more domestic issues than charity and religion.

In its deeply satisfying entourage of dark forces choking the fret board there’s more than enough nuggets of top quality shredding to batter away any earwax with that more banal tunes might have clogged your lugs with recently. It works better, and safer, than a cotton bud. Stick it in your ear holes and enjoy the silence, with sonic violence.

The dosing of cold, hard reality that Repulsive Vision paints is attuned to the perseverance of old school death metal principles and as such offers a cohesive diorama of all the taboos society as a whole is terrorized by the mere thought of. It’s ironic then that it makes for great content where the sensational riffs are partnered by an anarchic narrative and they’ll teach you more about morality than Jim’ll Fix It ever could.

Politics aside the music itself is a nefarious blood fest of serrated guitar licks and blistering blast beats. Yet while they share more in common with grind than hardcore, the articulate drum patterns frolic like flies on a fruit bowl, augmenting the rhythms coming from the guitar and lifting the compositions on translucent wings. It’s intuitive death metal but if you take anything from it then understand that the forsaken fruit is a lie.

Look Past The Gore and See The Art sets the intent of this monumental debut from Repulsive Vision in a clear and concise manner that’s reflected in the technical prowess of the band. However pliant their goals are towards the human condition on the album it’s a glorious sonal discourse that’s both musically astute and intellectually stimulating in its discourse.


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