Red Zephyr – From Chaos To Chrome Review

Classic rock band Red Zephyr can be described as somewhat of a supergroup. Consisting of members from Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy tribute acts, and original bands Box Of Frogs and Sunspy, their debut album From Chaos To Chrome was no-doubt going to sound nothing but professional.

Opener Not Pretty is a good way of summing up this band. With huge vocals and catchy repeated guitar patterns, this is certainly a song to get stuck in your head – especially the chorus. It certainly wouldn’t sound out of place being performed to a sold-out stadium; this is the sort of music that would go great in an arena.

Hangman is a track that’s on the other end of the spectrum. Whilst Not Pretty is fast-paced and energetic, Hangman takes a more slower and laid approach with emotional vocals backed up with some simplistic acoustic guitar. It’s a well-constructed song that flows brilliantly.

The middle of the album drags a little, with none of the tracks fully gripping me like the previous three, feeling more like filler tracks than full-bodied songs. About You in particular just lacks the drive and potential of the first three tracks of the album, and whilst it’s a slow one like Hangman, it unfortunately lacks the depth that Hangman had and it didn’t help that it was the longest track of the album, at just over five minutes in duration.

The pace picks up once again with seventh track Glory Be, showcasing frontman Arthur’s impressive vocal abilities. It’s definitely one of the catchier songs of the album and again, like Not Pretty, is certain to get stuck in your head for days on end. The album closes with Old, Cold And Lonely, a good resolution to everything with an absolutely fantastic guitar solo near the end.

From Chaos To Chrome is an album with a lot of potential. Whilst some songs weren’t as strong as others, it does feature some massive-sounding tracks and their musical ability is simply fantastic. I will definitely be interested to see where this band goes next.


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