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We recently caught up with Jake and Robin of Red Seas Fire to get an insight into their music tastes and influences. Listen to individual songs below, or get involved over on our and listen to the full playlist here.

A Song That Influenced Them
Jake: The Police – Message in a Bottle. Having been brought up on The Police by my parents and this being the first real song I could ever play on the drums, it would be silly too not see this as one of the biggest songs to influence me and my playing.

Robin: InnerPartySystem – Don’t Stop. This band were a great example for me of a great blend between the rock and electronic genres. This song had great hooks and awesome lyrics such as “The road I walk is paved with gold, to glorify my platinum soul. I’ll buy my way to talk to god, so he can live with what I’m not.” Big tune.

A Song They Wish They Could Have Written
Jake: Toto – Africa. Overall the best song, each part of the instrumentation from the tom fills on the drums, to the catchy pan flute solo. Is pure genius and so memorable. It’s a song that when played in a nightclub, you’ll see over half the audience jamming along to it some shape or form.

Robin: Michael Jackson – Billie Jean. Everything about this song is amazing. Vice City memories.

Their Favourite Red Seas Fire Song
Jake: Blood Bank. For me, this is our most commercial song to date. It’s structure keeps the listener interested and doesn’t exaggerate any unwanted parts. The dynamics of the song keep your head banging throughout, with a soulful, tearful, ‘Give it some my son’ fist bump to the last section of the song. Overall an interesting song and very fun to play live as well.

Robin: Blood Bank on record. When playing live its The Mistakes We Make.

A Song They Have Recently Been Listening To A Lot
Jake: Attila – Proving Grounds. As embarrassed, as I am to admit this, Proving Grounds by Attila has to be one of my favourite songs at the moment. Maybe not down to the crude lyrical content, or the predictable, gang shout-y choruses. But just down to the fact of how well the song works, the fantastic production on the track and finally how Attila are currently working as a band at the moment. They’ve done it for a while; they know what works, they know how to get the attention and get the crowd going, whether that’s in a good or bad way. Regardless of what you think, they’re a big band that knows what they are doing and they are doing it well.

Robin: All Time Low – Somethings Gotta Give. Big fan of All Time Low for that big pop punk feel good sound, this new song by them has such a catchy chorus!

Their All-Time Favourite Song
Jake: Weezer – Buddy Holly This is a hard choice, as there are countless great songs out there. But for me, Buddy Holly by Weezer is the one. Whether you’re a fan of the band, chances are you’ve come across this song in a club or on TV at some point. Big tune, catchy chorus and such a memorable video to accompany the track as well.

Robin: Bring Me The Horizon – Fuck. To be honest there are many songs that could have made this spot, all the way through my musical path growing up there are defining songs that have stuck with me. This is definitely one of them, it has high energy, an awesome break down section and then Josh’s vocal melody at the end is emotive as hell. I’m digging the whole thing.

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