Interview with Red Room Therapy

Red Room Therapy, from the Cynon valley in South Wales are a hell of a band.

The bands new single ‘All In The Mind’ is a fucking corker, a full on melodic, passionate and dirty sounding rocker, catchy as hell with a kick ass guitar solo. What more could you want in a song?

Red Room Therapy, who are Osh – Vox & Guitar, DB – Bass, Pedro – Guitar and Mowgli -Drums formed in December 2010 and since then have played hundreds of gigs, released a debut 3 track EP and drank a hell of a lot of whiskey!

They have just released a new single, so we though this was an ideal time to get to know them.

Can you introduce yourselves?
We are Red Room Therapy. We make noise wherever we can, and drink substantial amounts of whiskey. It’s not our fault. They make us do it.

Where did the name Red Room Therapy come from?
We named the band after an unruly rhinoceros ran into a hotel we were staying at while the four of us were on holiday in Morocco. The national colour of Morocco is red.

How did you get started?
We met as a result of our frustration at mundane life. We all needed something more. The energy we put into music is the energy that is wasted on conventional life.

What have you got going on at the moment?
We released our début EP last year and have been touring ever since. We went down well in London and are looking forward to returning there. We’ve just released our new single which will be on our début album, to be released sometime in the near future. We’re working hard in the studio to create something worthwhile.

Favourite music and why?
We are eclectic people. We are inspired by so many sounds and enjoy blending them all together. Like a milkshake, if the ingredients were funk, metal, country, soul, and of course rock n roll. And strawberries. We like strawberries.

Favourite book and why?
This is subject to much debate. We’re yet to discover our favourite book as a band. Our current quest is God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens. If you took our song Relusion and multiplied it by a million, you’d get Christopher Hitchens.

Favourite film and why?
Into The Wild”. We won’t explain why. Anyone who’s seen it will know why. Those who haven’t need to see it so that they learn why. That film constantly reminds us of what’s important in life.

Best experience in the business?
Our sell-out show at the Muni. That was our first really big gig and it felt amazing. The excitement that erupted that night was jaw-dropping and it heightened our determination to do this all over the world.

Why should Soundscape readers care?
Because we care.

Tell our readers an interesting fact about your band?
We were raised by wolves.

What’s the best and worst things about touring?
This question is particularly relevant right now. 2012 was manic for us, and was an amazing time to be part of this band. We love exposing our eyes to new places, new people, new experiences. It’s the best part of being in a band, but it gets tough sometimes. Touring is amazing until all you wanna do is sleep!

Most embarrassing thing to happen to you while in the band?
When we all turned up wearing the same thing. We felt silly.

What’s your writing and recording process like?
We think. We feel. We jam. Then press record. 😉

What inspires you?
Everything that makes us glad to be alive, and everything that makes us hate life.

Best thing about coming from Wales?
Best thing about coming from Wales? We’re Welsh. That’s the reason. We’re immensely proud to be Welsh and will never let the world forget it. Our aim is to put Penderyn on the map!

Who are your role models or idols?
Pearl Jam. We would quite happily live with them.

Hardest thing about the current business?
It’s a mess. And we’ll only mess it up more.

Favourite Batman actor?
Adam West. We all need Adam West.

So thats Red Room Therapy, any band who love Pearl Jam are pretty damn alright by me!

New single ‘All In The MInd’ is available on iTunes here and it’ll be the best 79p you’ve spent in some time.

Red Room Therapy: Facebook

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