Red Moon Architect’s Playlist

Red Moon Architect
Photo by Esa Rosqvist.

Red Moon Architect is an excellent doom metal band from Finland, who I recently had the pleasure of catching live supporting Moonsorrow in Kuopio. The band recently created a Spotify playlist of their own favourite music (check it out here), so what better excuse than to get them involved with a playlist feature on Soundscape as well? Get involved and listen either below, or on our page here.

A Song That Influenced Them
Shape Of Despair – Quiet These Paintings Are. This song got me into doom metal and made me look music from a totally different angle. It’s just a great song.

A Song They Wished They Could Have Written
Symphony X – The Odyssey. The word “epic” is a bit overused but it totally suits it here.

Their favourite Red Moon Architect Song
I could say that my favourite one is still in writing process, but Black Butterflies is one of my favourites and I would love to play it live again.

A Song They Have Recently Been Listening To A Lot
Stormlord – Dance Of Hecate. This and many other songs can be found in our Spotify playlist. Classic song from the past.

Their All-Time Favourite Song
If I have to name only one, it has to be Linkin Park – In The End. One of the first albums I got. I still listen it from time to time. Its production also holds up against records made today. Pure gold!

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