Red Moon Architect – Fall Review

FALL_cover_FINALIt has to be said that Red Moon Architect’s 2012 debut album Concealed Silence was an absolutely fantastic listen, however they have absolutely managed to surpass it with their brand new offering Fall.

There’s something quietly stunning about Fall; from the magnificently heavy slow-paced sections to the delicate melodic moments, it’s just a well put-together album and is something you’ll keep wanting to return to on a regular basis.

One of the best things about Fall is the fact that Red Moon Architect take all the time in the world that they need in order to get the point across. Opener A Wish For A Tear builds things up so slowly at first that it almost feels like they’re making no progress at all – but that’s the charm of it. The music sucks you in and makes you want more, captivating you and holding your interest as you wait for the next section to hit you.

A highlight of the album is the rather stunning Misanthrope. Opening with a crushingly heavy guitar section that hits you like a tonne of bricks, your foot will be tapping along by the time the vocals join in for good measure and there’s this great amount of power behind them. Another great point is the keyboard line – it’s fairly minimalistic and doesn’t take a lead role as such, but it adds a lot of atmosphere to the track, injecting just the right amount of melody into it all.

Another track worth highlighting is This Won’t Fade. It’s quite a different song in comparison to the rest of the album and simply features clean female vocals accompanied by piano. It’s a beautiful little inclusion and shows a different side to Red Moon Architect, bringing attention to the fact that not only can they write crushingly heavy doomy pieces, they can also write stunning acousticy numbers and it shows that the band is not just a one-trick-pony.

Red Moon Architect have crafted something incredible with Fall; this band could soon become a household name in the doom scene…watch this space!


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Red Moon Architect -Betrayed- from Red Moon Architect on Vimeo.

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