Red Or Dead – Trotsky Waltz Review

We enjoyed the debut EP from Red Or Dead, entitled No One Is Innocent, so have been looking forward to hearing their full length album – and here it is. Entitled Trotsky Waltz, it’s another passionate and very catchy piece, and it has definitely been worth the wait.

Red Or Dead has this uncanny ability to write songs to get under your skin and stuck in your head. There’s plenty of seriously catchy choruses to get stuck into and it’s impressive to note that although the music itself isn’t the most complex or taxing, it will nevertheless leave a massive impression on you. Highlights of the album include A New Day, with accompanying in-your-face vocals that juxtapose tremendously against the rather light and airy instrumentation, and Watch It Burn, which is a definite improvement on the version that featured on the EP – there’s a little more pace and passion to it, and it works a lot better as a result.

Although as a whole Trotsky Waltz is a good piece, fourth track In America is a little more of a difficult listen. The vocal approach on this track doesn’t quite feel right, sounding a little forced and awkward, but if nothing else you can’t fault the passion in this track.

All in all, Red Or Dead have done well here. They deliver a strong political statement with Trotsky Waltz and we’re already looking forward to seeing what they’ll cook up with their next offering!


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