Rebel Revive – XI Review

Rebel Revive XI (Eleven)


It’s such an incredible feeling when you get completely blown away by a record from completely of of nowhere.

This has happened to me with this Rebel Revive EP.

Rebel Revive, from Orange County, CA, is essentially, insanely talented, multi instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Matthew Lindblad, who wrote and played everything on this, the debut EP and it’s nothing short of fantastic.

Kicking off with ‘The Voices’, first video and single from the EP and it’s very immediate and catchy pop rock, with a shout-a-long chorus that sticks in your head. A really great tune, one of my favourites.

‘Skeletons’ carries on in much the same the same vein, albeit a little heavier. Its fast paced, well played rock music and crazily catchy, I’ve had all these songs stuck in my head days.

‘Better Days’ sounds tailor made for a american teenage movie, such an excellent song with some outstanding harmonies, Matthew has such a likeable voice and this really deserves to be on the radio.

The pop/punk sounding ‘Like You Mean It’, complete with Woah Oh’s is another song with a huge chorus, there are so many aspects of the songs that stick with you.

‘Nameless Faceless’ is the hardest hitting song here, full of chunky riffs, meaningful lyrics and some aggressive vocals, it’s almost epic in scope.

‘Stars’, the last of the six tracks on offer is probably my favourite right now, a slower paced tune, with another excellent vocal from Matthew.

It’s really astounding to think that this whole EP is completely the work of one man, it sounds amazing. The production by Colby Wedgeworth is crystal clear and the instrumentation is spot on.

You can listen to some of the EP on the Rebel Revive Facebook page and buy a beautifully packaged CD from the webstore.

Please take some time to check this band out, you wont regret it.

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