Singled Out: Reaper In Sicily – Horizons

Reaper In Sicily have just released ‘Horizons’, the new and first single from the bands long awaited debut album, ‘Islands’ which will be released on June 10th.

It’s a great track and definitely whets the appetite for the album!

We spoke to the bands singer Rhys Bernado all about the single and album.

You have just released a new single called ‘Horizons’, what is the song about?  When writing the song, I based it upon captain Jack Sparrow in honesty, I just pictured how it feels for him to be stuck at sea a lost soul almost, and wanted to put it into words. In a round about way, it related to us as well with our addiction and frustration with music. Horizons was my best attempt at doing that. When ever I write I like my songs to differentiate from what other people may be writing about, try and think outside the box, this was the last track out of all the demos for the album, I knew I had to make it a special one, make it different, and when the boys played me the music, I instantly felt this was my chance to write about something I had never wrote about before.

How did you write it?  Jonny wrote all the music for the track, he came to us with a demo, we listened to it and we fell in love with it. Once we started putting the melodies and vocal lines in, we had to make a few adjustments but its still pretty much the same track it was when he first wrote it.

Where did you record it and who with?  We recorded it with Romesh @ Longwave Studios, fantastic experience.

Tell us about the video?  Ahhh the video, this was such a hard thing to decide on. We knew we wanted dark and dingy and we all came up with soo many ideas to put into it, but our producer Richard Davies reminded us we didn’t have a ten thousand pound budget haha. What we ended up going for was recording in the coldest dirtiest place with electricity we could find. We had spent half the budget on appropriate lighting, and just gave it everything for 9 hours straight. After the shoot I think I was sick there and then, the boys couldn’t walk, we had literally put everything into it. We then decided that we was actually going to take out the story mode from the video and just make it all about us, we loved the first edit so much we decided that was the way it had to be. Richard has done such a great job on the video we can’t thank him enough, for the budget he had to work with and the amount of pressure that was put on him to make the video as good as possible, we couldn’t be happier. No gimmicks, no story lines, just 100% us.

What does the next few months hold for Reaper In Sicily?  The next few months are crucial for Reaper In Sicily, we see ‘Horizons’ release 25th of March, we then see our album ‘Islands’ release June 10th, with the Album launch June 9th. We are doing a headline uk tour in May, and then some really cool shows In between. We are hoping everyone will appreciate our new sound and the way we have approached the album, and just really hope that we can prove Independent music still lives on, we hope that by completely self funding everything ourselves, we prove that if you work hard enough and put the hours in you will get the rewards. Really hoping it all goes down well 🙂

‘Horizons’ is a great track so check it out below and make sure you support this awesome band.

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