Playlist: Our Picks Of Raw Power Fest 2015

Raw Power Fest 2015

This Saturday we’re going to check out (and take a few photos!) of Raw Power Fest 2015. A festival some of the best psych heaviness, space rock, synth craziness, leftfield electronica and much more. Last year’s event featured brilliant bands including Bo Ningen, Girl Band and a whole load more. With two stages over three days, we guarantee you’ll have a ball of a time if you’re attending the North London festival. Here’s who we’ll be seeing and recommend, have a quick peek at our top picks and listen to the full playlist here!

Acid Baby Jesus – Tomboy
Even if their songs don’t leave an impression, their name certainly will. All jokes aside, go get your heavy psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll fix from Acid Baby Jesus. With their grunge-y, garage rock that reminds me both of The Wytches and Strange House era The Horrors, I bet they’ll be a popular band at the festival.

Esben and the Witch – Marching Song
Haunting three-piece Esben and the Witch are my second recommendation, as a lover of Lungs era Florence and the Machine, their goth-y indie rock is totally my cup of tea and I shall be seen gleefully enjoying their set come Saturday, I couldn’t recommend you more to do the same!

The Wharves – Renew
I’m still very on the edge about the The Wharves, I still can’t fully decide if their music is exactly to my taste as I’ve only recently started listening to their music. Although, I do have high hopes for the bands set and I’ll be checking them out to see how their songs translate in a live setting, especially Renew which I especially like.

With the festivals ridiculously low prices (£12.50 for a Friday ticket) and prime location, we can guarantee that Raw Power 2015, like it was last year, will be a massive success and we’re stoked to be able to document and review it.

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