Rantama Trio – Catching The Mystery Train Review

rantama trio catching the mystery trainI’m not sure where this mystery train is going, but I definitely want to get on after hearing this absolutely incredible piece of work. Hailing from Kuopio in Finland, Rantama Trio play instrumental jazz rock and are very talented at what they do, having just released their debut album Catching The Mystery Train and it’s an adventure from start to finish.

The way this threepiece moves as a unit is really refreshing to hear and each part slots into the bigger picture just right. Catching The Mystery Train almost sounds like one continuous track, yet each song on the album is unique in its own way. Opener Lifelong Secret is an ambient piece that works well at setting the scene, whereas middle track Flowerbed is a more up-tempo energetic track and fourth track Uneasy Thoughts is a technical little number with a lot of colour and embellishments.

Indeed, it’s difficult to choose just one single highlight because it’s all just so good – it’s a very immersive listen and one you won’t be forgetting in a while. It’s almost like you’re sat on this mystery train as you accompany Rantama Trio on their musical journey and it’s a really rewarding and engaging listen as a result. I already can’t wait to hear more!


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