Random Perception – Sold Your Soul Review

Random Perception – Sold Your Soul  


Sold your soul is the debut album from Pembrokeshire based quintet Random Perception, and in this reviewers opinion contains 12 slices of heartfelt, passionate, and fast paced indie rock.

The openers “84” and “Take Me Away” act as a statement of intent. With its angular indie style guitars, pounding rhythms, distinctive vocals, and a sound which is reminiscent of great acts like Biffy Clyro, Muse, and early Radiohead.

“In Circles” and “Hypnotise” feel like they have been written for the big stage with the huge sound and massive sing along choruses.

“The Bends” is a standout track taking bits of the previous tracks and adding a hint of melancholy to the proceedings.

The tenth track “Teenage Hearts” breaks up proceedings a little with its infectious bubblegum pop rock sound and lyrics. The synth adds a saccharine melody to give an anthem for those that long for past times.

The following track “Jumping Trains” is a different beast as it sounds like it could have come off an early Therapy? Record, with its crunching melody, disenchanted vocals, and a beautiful wall of noise towards the end of the song.

Delusion carries on in this manner and provides a great ending for a decent debut.

It is evident that Random Perception has spent time mastering their craft, and at the moment are decent songwriters as a unit. It will be interesting to hear how the guys have improved when their sophomore effort drops towards the start of 2014.



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