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ramseyHave you not heard of Ramsey yet? Why the hell not? This is not your average musician, offering up an average sound, with an average creative depth; no, this unique artist rips out her very heart, places it just out of your reach, and continues to force you to watch as it bleeds out honestly. She is a dark, sexy, enigma that captures the raw creative power found in holding no emotional punches back, and with the release of her recent, highly praised, self-titled EP, Ramsey is set to make a serious mark on the industry itself, once again. Both writing and producing her own songs, this 21-year old L.A based indie musician is handing out lessons in what it takes to make a killer EP!

Opening with an ethereal sounding, club ready, Massive Attack meets Chelsea Wolfe, track titled Who You Do It For, Ramsey comes in devious, like a serpent with a sinful message. In her unique blend of forceful vocals that threaten to fall apart from the emotional weight of the lyrical content itself, Ramsey has created a dark cinematic feel that grabs you by the throat and does not release its inspirational grasp at all.

The second track titled Pay is a futuristic sounding, methodical march, through an emotional minefield.
The layers of sound that make up this track are as effectively dark as the lyrics used to fill them out. Ramsey spits defiantly;
“I’m happy you’re alone for the rest of your life,
tearing at the same bars for the rest of your life.
I am thankful you made me stronger,
now no man could do to me what you did then”.

This, will no doubt, become the very anthem that helps women dig deep and rise above their oppressors. Pay is a beautiful song in both its production and intention, and the beauty captured in the final moments is, absolutely, haunting.

Moving on through the dangerously seductive and devious EP, we come across a single that has been drawing the attention of industry moguls and fans alike. See You Bleed is a daring decision by the Ramsey Camp for a single, for one fact alone; it does not pretend to be an emotionally easy listen, at all. Clearly, this subdued, dark pop track comes from a place of deep pain for Ramsey herself (or pleasure); and that’s the thing about this musician, she is so talented at weaving together the light and the dark, the pain with the pleasure, that it is often left up to the listener to decide the songs true intention. It has also been given some extra attention in the form of a steamy music video, premiered first on Highsnobiety, and much like her musical mission, this video pulls no punches either.

Love Surrounds You is heavy on the dark synth, and even heavier on the dark vocals. The many layers of Ramsey’s vocal abilities playfully dance with one another throughout this incredibly inspired track. With a beautifully added touch of middle-eastern influence, this song deserves its place among anyone’s favorite list. Ramsey’s ability to completely grab your attention and hold on to it with an impossible grip is showcased on this particular-track; there were a few times that I had to force myself to focus on the music behind the vocals, because her vocals on this song, simply put, demand the complete obedience of your attention.

Ending this creative juggernaut of an EP is the track titled Bow Down, and like the name suggest, this song is aimed at making the listener submit to Ramsey’s music. Much like the sensation of being dragged down by a powerful undertow, Bow Down uses aggressive synth hits to draw you in, and then layers on an exceptionally pointed chorus to hold you down and make you listen.

I loved this EP, because it is exactly what defines great art. Where other musicians look to their peers to figure out what to do next, Ramsey, bravely, walks her own path with true conviction. Where other musicians fear exposing their vulnerabilities to the critical world, and instead choose to stay within the realm of controlled safety, Ramsey herself runs head first into the mouth of the viper, and does so fearlessly. Where other artists release music that only touch on the dark side of their psyches, Ramsey embraces the pleasure found in the pain, and she helps you enjoy the journey as well; every step of the way.

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