Raise Hell – Written In Blood Review

Raise Hell Written In BloodGenre tropes are typical with Written In Blood. Traditions that hark back to the mainstay composure that is quintessentially thrash metal with a tinge of Swedish death metal to lubricate those rustic wheels. Oiling them just enough to reach the intense velocity of a mobility scooter.

Within its simplicity there is something insidious going on under its hood. The fifth full-length from Raise Hell is candid enough to take the biscuit and run with it. Dragging up many influences and merging them into a heavily modified vessel for the founding members to exercise their influences.

Igniting moments of adventurous play on Written In Blood, Demon Mind is one of the classier songs along with the Dime Honorific Thank you God, reflecting some Pantera styling over an emotive wistful mid-album phase. There is a lot of style rather than technique on Written In Blood, although sum and substance are in equal measure, or more fashion and passion. Written In Blood lacks confidence only because of its mixed background.

Another album fully packed with dissonant reverie, Written In Blood is varied enough to not be disappointing, but it is also not elating. In its overall sound it is entirely dry. Compensated for by turning up the bass freq. yet retaining the lo-fi production that only bubbles up the want for some cleaner middle ground between the Hardcore type production and a style that is complimentary to the songs.

The mastering is murky, the muddy sound handicaps the clarity of the overall production which is sort of like blinding the listener with bass, unnecessarily leaving the entire composition feeling claustrophobic and dozy.


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