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Ragweed are going to be heading out on a UK tour next month, so we caught up with the band to discuss life on tour and what you might be able to expect from one of their shows.

Can you introduce yourselves and tell me a bit about the band?
Joe: My names Joe, and I’m from St Albans, which was the Roman capital. I like loud, bassy music.
Tom: He’s the bass player.
Joe: Yeah, that too. I like rapping about guns…and that’s about it.
Dave: I’m Dave and I play the drums.
Tom: I play guitar and I sing, my names Tom. Oh yeah and about the band; we are a sludge punk trio, but we’re thinking of changing that.
Joe: Seemed like a good idea at at the time.
Tom: Yeah, but now we’re more of a stripped down, emotionally potent, rock band.

You’re going on tour in November in support of your new album Parerga – what are you most looking forward to about the tour?
Joe: Probably my birthday, I mean it’s not actually on the tour but it’s just before it.
Tom: So the thing you’re most looking forward to about the tour is your birthday which isn’t even when we are on tour. You’re just looking forward to your birthday?
Joe: Yeah, I’m not looking forward to the tour. Only joking.
Dave: Looking forward to seeing some friends, along the way, some new places.
Tom: Getting out of Brighton for a bit. Has to be done every now and then.

Is there any city or venue you’re most excited about playing?
Dave: Manchester should be cool, I’ve always wanted to go there.
Tom: Yeah Manchester’s great. Edinburgh is what am excited about.
Joe: We have to go on the scotch whiskey experience. You ride around in a barrel!
Tom: Haha, Oxford too. As in am excited about Oxford, not that you ride around in a barrel in Oxford.

What can fans expect from the upcoming shows?
Tom: Errr, well we don’t have any fans.
Joe: Haha yeah, so nothing. Well no, what can they expect? You [Tom] jumping around and bit going mental. You [Dave] with you’re stone faced drumming.
Dave: Some grooving.
Tom: Hopefully you [Joe] climbing on your amp again and going a bit nuts.
Dave: Yeah, we need to see some body talk.
Tom: Seeing as The Body is your nickname Joe I don’t think that’s much to ask.
Joe: We’ll see, we’ll see.
Tom: Some good old fashioned rock music with a lot of passion, that’s what people can expect.

What do you like most about touring?
Joe: It’s like a holiday isn’t it? Meet interesting people, playing every night.
Dave: This will be my first tour ever. So am just looking forward to all of it.
Tom: Just doing the tour routine is good. Wake up, see somewhere new, play a show. It’s fun.

Is there anything you don’t like about touring?
Dave: I’m not looking forward to not being able to have the every day shower.
Joe: Yeah me too, am bit worried about where to sleep, that does worry me sometimes.
Tom: Not me, none of that bothers me.
Joe: We can tell. Crap food, that’s another I don’t like, never eating properly.

Have you got any interesting stories from tours gone by?
Tom: I don’t know if we have any that will make sense or be that funny because when you’re around each other so much or with another band all the time, you develop inside jokes, not to mention going a bit loopy from being in a tin can on wheels for ages. So stories that seem side splitting at the time no one else seems to get. Or they were just weren’t funny in the first place.
Joe: Haha, wish we had some about the mad after parties but we don’t. We’re always just on someones floor with a cup of herbal tea.
Tom: To tell the truth I remember thinking a lot of tour stories where interesting at the time and now they just seems dull.

If you could tour with any band, who would you choose?
Tom: Mmmm, well people always say it’s not a good thing to meet your heroes, so with that in mind, am not too sure.
Dave: Yeah, do you want to risk the chance of annoying these people on a day to day basis.
Joe: That’s very true. Haha, but am thinking more like private jets and stuff. Rhianna!! I want to tour with Rhianna.
Tom: Hahaha. Oh no no no, 5 Seconds of Summer!
Joe: Haha. Did you know one of them has an eye brow piercing? When did they come back?

And finally what does 2015 have in store for Ragweed?
Joe: Birthday.
Tom: Yes, we all have a Birthday next year.
Dave: Maybe some…
Tom: Some?
Dave: Some new stuff.
Tom: New stuff, yes, very true.
Dave: And of course the joint tour with Punching Swans.
Tom: Yeah that’ll be great, we’re doing a tour with the band Punching Swans next year to promote our next single. So single as well. New music.
Joe: I feel really existential after that question; “What does 2015 hold for you?” Nothing, I’ve got nothing. Stay alive.
Tom: Get the rent in on time.

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Ragweed will be touring the UK in November. Catch them at one of the dates below!

Ragweed Tour

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