Raging Speedhorn/Monster Magnet – Desertfest Split Review

raging speedhorn monster magnetAs part of Raging Speedhorn and Monster Magnet’s upcoming appearances at Desertfest, the two bands have contributed a song each for a split EP together and although it’s short, it’s most definitely a great listen all the same.

Halfway To Hell is the contribution from Raging Speedhorn and it’s a punchy track with a lot of drive and movement to it – it’s definitely a song that’s been tailor-made for a live environment because there’s plenty of moments in the song for some crowd involvement and headbanging! Powerfully delivered from start to finish, it begins rather energetically before progressing into a sludgier and more down-tempo track, and it all just works tremendously.

Monster Magnet’s inclusion is the rather aptly titled Hallucination Bomb, which has a strong stoner vibe to it. The meaty vocals are expertly delivered in a standout performance from frontman Dave and they’re backed up fantastically by the fuzzy wall of guitars underneath. Although the song doesn’t quite have the same pace and drive as the Raging Speedhorn one, it’s still a most welcome inclusion and if anything, the pair juxtapose quite well against one another.

As a whole, this is a great release that serves as a nice insight to both bands – as well as a great taster for what can be expected at Desertfest!


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