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So last week, we hit London for the Relentless Live show featuring a host of artists and DJ’s including Professor Green, Zane Lowe and of course the amazing Radkey. Check out our interview with Isaiah below.

Introduce yourselves to our readers who might not have heard Radkey yet.
Isaiah: We’re Radkey. We want to put an end to false rock and by that we mean, no backing shit. So we’re playing proper rock music and that’s what we’re about.

You’ve just released your debut EP, tell us a bit about the writing and recording process.
It’s pretty all over the place as far as writing. It comes in a lot of different ways. I have a verse or a melody, or a guitar thing. Or we start from scratch with a jam. So recording is pretty easy, we like to get that done real quick.

So your EP is labelled as punk and it feels like classic punk with the ideals of pushing a message and standing up for yourselves. Did you decide on this when writing or did this just happen?
We wanted to send a message sometimes. But as far as the attitude and the tone of the whole thing, it’s mostly just try to write songs that we love and that’s been working so far. But punk’s just the kind of sound we love.

You’ve created a bit of a buzz with the British media at the moment, you’ve been on Jools Holland, you were in The Guardian and Zane Lowe has been championing you. What’s that been like?
It’s kind of been crazy. It’s really flattering, but crazy.

What’s it like for a young band like yourselves to play events like Relentless Live?
It’s crazy that we’re even allowed to do this.

What’s Radkey’s plans for next year?
Some touring, an album, some more touring.

Anyone you’d like to play with?
If we could support the Foo Fighters that would be cool. Queens of the Stone Age, someone like that.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Relentless Live interviews over the next few days.

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