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Let me introduce you to Next Stop Atlanta, a fairly new band from Preston. In their short career they’ve already recorded and released one EP and a video for ‘I’ll Catch Fire (The Gift)’, a great rock tune you should definitely check out. The music is passionate and energetic. The band have a great vocalist in Georgia and they want more then anything to be your new favourite band! We managed to catch up with them and ask them a load of questions.

Who are you and what do you do?
Hi guys, I’m Georgia Peters and I am the vocalist in the band. Hello I’m Blake Sale, I play bass. Hey I’m Ant Joy, I’m the drummer. And finally I’m Nik Taylor andIi play guitar, and we are Next Stop Atlanta!

How did you get started?
Nik: Myself and Blake had been working in bands previously and we had known Ant for years, but never worked with him. Whilst at Leeds Festival 2009, the three of us began talking about the idea of forming a new band. 
Blake: It took us a few months to sort out the logistics and we started jamming last Christmas. 
Georgia: The guys approached me soon after. I was in Ant’s music class at college and I knew Nik and Blake from the local scene. They are great friends, we all just hit it off really. 

What have you got going on at the moment?
Ant: Our debut single, “I’ll Catch Fire (The Gift)” has just been released and is available on iTunes and from most online retailers. The music video for the single is online and it will soon be available on the music channels too. 
Nik: The EP is released digitally and physically in December, and we will be touring the UK in the new year. 

Favourite music and why? 
Georgia: I love Stevie Wonder, he is incredible. My guilty pleasure is Olly Murs, don’t laugh!
Blake: I’m into a lot of American punk. Bands like Rufio, Set Your Goals and Champion. They just tick a lot boxes for me. Loads of passion and energy, love it. 
Nik: I’m into singer songwriters and a lot of ambient bands, as well as heavy stuff.
Anything that is innovative or interesting really. 
Ant: Yeah I’m the same, anything that pushes the boundaries or connects on an emotional level gets my vote, and a download!

Favourite book and why?
Georgia: I read a lot of Chuck Palahniuk, his books are so creative.
Blake: Can I say Razzle?! Because it always has a happy ending.
Ant: I read a lot. I don’t really have a favourite book. Definitely not Harry Potter, or Razzle! 
Nik: My favourite book is Mr Nice by Howard Marks. The man is a legend. 

Favourite film and why?
Blake: Anchor Man. It’s incredible. So funny.
Nik: The Godfather (trilogy). I am into mafia films in a big way and The Godfather movies are the original and best. 
Ant: District 9. Epic movie and the accents are pretty awesome too!
Georgia: Requiem for a dream. That movie has it all. I never get bored watching it. 

Best experience in the business?
Ant: Shooting our debut music video was an awesome experience. 
Blake: Yeah and recording the EP with producer Matty O’Grady (YM@6/Kids In Glass Houses) was sweet. We had a blast doing the EP and working with Matty! 

Tell our readers an interesting fact about your band?
Blake: Jimmy Carr attended one of our shows. 
Ant: Between us we have 10 tattoos and 7 piercings. 

Best thing about coming from Wales?
Nik: Well I was born in Wales (Newtown, Powys) and lived there until i was 18. I’m so proud of my roots. 
Blake: The language is cool. I make Nik speak Welsh to me and I answer what he is saying but just talk jibberish back to him. It amuses us.

Check them out at  Facebook and
Myspace. The EP is available on iTunes and you can pick up some merch right here.

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