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For a band that haven’t even played a show yet The Hush are causing quite a stir. They’ve had their debut single ‘Let Me Know’ featured on Kerrang! radio and the online forums are buzzing with how good the track the actually is.

The Nottingham band consist of Lee Cooper, Matt Goodall, Elliot Wilkins and Andy Forster, and have just finished recording with Matty O’Grady (YouMeAtSix and Deaf Havana).

From the sound of the bands two tracks featured on the bands facebook page they are set for big things. They play their first show with Francesqa and The Dangerous Summer at Nottingham Rock City on Feb 15th, so if you are going get down early to check them out. Here we caught up with vocalist Lee who took some time out of rehearsals to speak to us.

How did you get started? 
We all met through previous bands we were friends with that had recently split up, and decided to get together and start writing songs.
What have you got going on at the moment? 
We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for our band, which will all hopefully be announced soon, We are writing the best music we have all ever written, with our debut single “Let me know” being released soon, available from Itunes & when we hit the road, its all exciting times.
Favourite music and why? 
Anything that is very melodic, with big chorus!
Favourite film and why? 
Shutter Island. anything with Leonardo Di’Caprio is amazing, but that film is incredible.
Best experience in the business? 
In Previous bands we had the chance to tour the world, we expect more from this band.

Why should soundscape readers care? 
We think we bring a bit more of an exciting edge to the Pop-rock scene which is currently around, by trying to write the catchiest, biggest chorus’ we can. We live & breath and believe in what we do with a passion.

Best thing about playing in Wales? 
In previous bands playing Wales has always treated us well, so we look forward to coming and playing for you.

Hardest thing about the current business? 
The hardest thing about the current business is trying to get your name out there, but with online magazines and such things its always a big help. Thank you.

If you head to the bands facebook page at you can listen to new single ‘Let Me Know’ and a second track ‘Make Believe’. Both are cracking numbers, so make sure you remember the name ‘cos you’ll be seeing it a lot this year.

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