Quarantine – Reaction EP Review

Aberdare based 4-piece cover band unveil debut EP of original material.

Formed in 2011 and still currently unsigned, Quarantine have been gigging the pubs and clubs as a cover band to make a living, whilst working away at their debut EP.

“Reaction”, is 4 tracks of the bands first original material to be recorded, and by looking at some of the bands musical influences (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings Of Leon) plus, according to their Facebook page, the band also cite influences including “rock music, beer and babes”… it’s safe to assume what creative route they’ve taken.

Track one, “Reaction” is a funky sounding number, simple song structure but falls just flat on being a stand-out track. The chorus however will be drummed into your head, it’s simplicity is memorable.

“Bright Lights” is a bit more energetic. It sounds ambitious and wants to be an anthem, aiming high, but again lacking that killer hook. You can’t help but feel that it’ll burst into life at any time but it fails to rise to the occasion. It’s a decent track and more than likely a highlig ht of the bands live set but it’s just needs that extra spark.

“F.M.J” (Full Metal Jacket) is full of rock’n’roll swagger and is the best track of the EP. This could benefit from a music video, it’s calling out to be used commercially as a potential single. It’s a fun number, could imagine it sounding grittier on the live stage.

Final track “Save Me” returns to the simple “by-numbers” pop rock style the band seem comfortable in. And here lies the bands main issue. Quarantine, despite obviously being able to pen a catchy enough song, seem not so much as stuck, but too comfortable in the style of writing they use.

This being their first EP, benefit of the doubt can be granted as every musician takes time to evolve, fine tune and find their feet, and there is definitely reason to believe there is more to these guys than this offers up. Quarantine’s 2nd EP will no doubt be a more polished, assertive output. Give them time. Slow and steady wins the race.


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