Pyramaze – Disciples Of The Sun Review

pyramaze disciplesDisciples Of The Sun is the brand new album from Danish power metallers Pyramaze and it’s a strong album that plays on the band’s strengths, but it has to be said it doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

For what it is, it is a fantastic album and a particularly good element of it is the way vocalist Terje’s voice is utilised – his versatility really shines through as the listener is treated to soft, laid-back sections along with powerful epic moments as standard and there’s even some dark and emotive vocal deliveries on a few occasions. It makes for a really impressive and engaging listen to say the least, especially when factoring everything else into the mix.

The songwriting as a whole is striking, with tracks such as The Battle Of Paridas featuring energetic drum lines and chugging riffs alongside stunning keyboard solos, and on the flip-side closer Photograph is a more stripped-back piece that leaves an impression on you by the emotive performances – both instrumentally and vocally.

Unfortunately it does have to be said that there aren’t really any surprises to be found on the album, especially compared with their previous releases, but as the saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


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