PVRIS – Barfly, Camden 16/04/15

twin wild 2

Twin Wild (6/10) are a four-piece-band hailing from London, and whilst I hadn’t heard any of their songs prior to their set supporting PVRIS, I was pleasantly surprised. Imagine indie with a hint of rock and you’ve got Twin Wild. I can see big things in the future for Twin Wild: they’re young, confident and have a great stage presence. With their radio-ready brand of indie rock, I’m betting they’ll be headlining their own shows sooner rather than later!

light you up 2

Next up was Light You Up (4/10), a 5-piece post-pop-punk band from Birmingham. Less slick and more fast-paced and aggressive were my first thoughts upon hearing Light You Up’s first few songs, and bearing in mind how intimate of a venue the 300-capacity Barfly is, it got even more intimate when vocalist Tom Napier jumped into the pit area and proceeded to sing and dance with the crowd. Catch a gig of theirs and even if the music isn’t to your taste, I guarantee you’ll be dancing along with the frontman!

The night had got off to a good start and the tension in the room only intensified as PVRIS (9.5/10) were delayed to the stage with sound issues and then when they finally arrived, there were issues with the pitch of instruments. Luckily the sound issues were long forgotten as PVRIS launched into catchy and almost pop-like Smoke, and the room exploded with energy as everyone was hearing the band they had been waiting all evening for.

pvris 5

PVRIS are an impeccable live band and vocalist/guitarist Lynn Gunn sounded exactly like she had on the album, and fellow members Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald were great at bass/keys and guitar/keys respectively. Since the release of their debut album White Noise, I haven’t stopped listening to PVRIS, so I was appropriately stoked and was not disappointed. Unfortunately due to other commitments, I was unable to stay and review the whole gig but the first few songs were brilliant and I wasn’t too disappointed about potentially missing hard hitters such as White Noise and My House, due to every song from the album being a great listen.

I myself cannot wait to see PVRIS again and I urge you to do the same before they blow up!

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