Psychema – Bygones Review

Bygones is a bit of an odd release to say the least. The talent is there – the instrumentation is stunning, the vocals are magnificent and there are some great examples of sheer catchiness nestled into the release, but when it’s all put into one entity, it doesn’t quite blend together and it all sounds a little off as a result.

Opener Dust Of Bygones is a prime example of this. There’s a catchy chorus and some beautiful keys, but the two melodies contradict each other and whilst singled out they sound great, if you put them together into the same song it just doesn’t work, especially when a guitar solo is thrown into the mix as well, meaning the song suffers as a result.

It’s unfortunately evident in the other tracks of the release as well, and it’s a difficult dilemma to face because each melody line is technically good – they all just don’t quite gel together.

Bygones is basically an all-round frustrating release because the talent is so strong within this band and in particular Tomi’s voice is fantastically powerful, but the EP just needs a little more work in the songwriting department. Hopefully they’ll come back fighting with their next release and it’ll subsequently make me eat my words.


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