Provoke, Destroy – Vulture Review

Provoke Destroy VultureVulture is the debut full length offering from post-hardcore band Provoke, Destroy and it’s almost difficult to know what to say about the album as a whole. On the one hand, it’s a decent enough release, but on the other hand it’s nothing new and it’s all been done before.

The harsh vocals are a particular strong point of the band’s sound, nice and meaty with a good amount of power behind them to support them, and they sound excellent when juxtaposed next to the more synthy/electronic sections because of the contrast between the two. However the clean vocals don’t quite manage to resonate in the same way, sounding a little more weak and unsupported in comparison on some occasions. It’s disappointing because there are occasions when the clean vocals really shine through, such as the impressive performance given in Blackwater, however on tracks such as Fools Gold and Old no. 7 it just feels like they could be better.

Despite some shortcomings, there are some real high points on Vulture and an especially substantial piece is Two For The Road, which is one of the more aggressive-sounding tracks and packs a real punch – it starts off fairly calmly before practically hitting you in the face with an impressive wall of guitars before the harsh vocals get added on top. This is a track that is surely made for performing live.

Like mentioned earlier, Vulture is a good album and you can really hear the sheer passion that went into crafting the piece. Just don’t go in expecting anything new or unique.


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