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A Promise To Forget are currently gearing up to release their album Dying To Live. Ahead of its release, we asked them to give us an insight into their musical influences! Get listening below.

A song that influenced them
Framing Hanley – 23 Days
We pretty much entirely formed the band over our love for a few key bands that we used to read about and see live. The main one is Framing Hanley. We loved Framing Hanley so much, we covered their songs at school all the time, we even covered THEIR cover of Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop at our first ever show. Our band name is a homage to their album A Promise To Burn.

A song they wish they could have written
Enter Shikari – Sorry You’re Not a Winner
Another one of those songs we used to jam to all the time in the early years of the band. This song has everything, awesome intro, hilarious quasi-gimmicks, heavy sections, strong chorus. It was an ‘at the time’ absolute masterpiece or perfectly constructed mayhem.

Their favourite A Promise To Forget song
One of these songs that came together so effortlessly, that the second everyone heard it, they went ‘that’s it, that’s gonna be the first single for our first album’. And we sat on it for so long once it was recorded to make sure we didn’t ruin its release. We spent so long with a specific vision for the video too for the same reason. We worked so incredibly hard on everything about this song. We’re very proud of it.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
ONE OK ROCK – Taking Off
We’ve been really getting into bands like One Ok Rock, Coldrain, Nothing More. Very anthemic. Songs like Taking Off represent some of the styles we’d like to incorporate into our sound. While still maintaining our personal flair. We’re a big fan of John Feldman and his production style, so we’ve been jamming his back catalogue pretty extensively.

Their all time favourite song
The 1975 – Girls
A bit of a weird one, because all of our favourite music individually does contrast a bit, and it would be hard to nail down something we all absolutely love. However we all really The 1975, the song Girls especially. We’ve performed 1975 songs when we were at college etc. We all pretty like this song.

A Promise To Forget’s album Dying To Live is out Friday! Preorder your copy from here: https://www.apromisetoforget.com/merch/

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