Promethium – Welcome To The Institution Review

Promethium ‘Welcome To The Institution’


After discovering Promethium, it was a pleasant surprise to receive a friendly greeting from a band member after liking their page on Facebook – truly this is a band who really care about their fans and subsequently I was very eager to hear their album Welcome To The Institution.

Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.

It opens with a calm and relaxed introduction; an easy-sounding song with some beautiful playing, before it leads nicely into the first full track, Visions. The first thing that really hits you about this track is the stunning vocals from singer Gary – nice and clean, and extremely powerful. It’s a great way to kick off the album and really sets the scene for the rest of the wonderfully constructed set of songs.

Meaning Of Trust swiftly builds momentum with the massive-sounding guitars backing up the vocals perfectly. The track ends so abruptly you almost think like it’s cut out, going from a tonne of energy to absolutely nothing in a split second and it works incredibly well. The following track, Nothing, is quite an emotional track with some fantastic lyrics – it really struck a chord in me and is a truly striking song. Definitely the strongest track on the album.

33.1 is a bit more difficult to get into, as it lacks the energy of some of the other tracks. At some points it seemed a little repetitive and the vocals a little weak, but following this one is Cycle Of Vengeance, which is so catchy that you can’t help but want to tap your foot along to it. The harsh vocals in this one work incredibly well and the track comes to a satisfying close with resonating guitars fading out.

Penultimate track The Curse is another work of brilliance. Full of energy from start to finish, this features a fantastic guitar solo and a chorus so catchy that it’s surely going to be in my head for months. Closing the album is Murder Inc, which is a great choice to round it all off. It’s an overall great summary of just how much talent this band has, with all musical abilities being showcased to their full potential.

All in all, Welcome To The Institution is a very honest and original album with some truly great songs on there. If this release is anything to go by, then this band are definitely going to go far.

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