Project Silence – Slave To The Machine Review

project silence slave to the machineProject Silence have been teasing us with new material for a while, but their new album Slave To The Machine is finally here and it has definitely been worth the wait. Although admittedly a little on the lengthy side (featuring fifteen tracks!) the album is nevertheless a stellar effort from Project Silence and each track is killer in its own right. Flesh Of The God and Infection, the two tracks shared prior to Slave To The Machine‘s release, are two great cuts but they almost feel like the appetisers in comparison to the quality of some of the other tracks on the album.

Sixth track Sick (Slave To The Machine) is a tremendous earworm of a song that’s simply asking to be listened to on repeat – the chorus is seriously powerful and will surely get your head banging along in time! The industrial-style keys coupled with the bellowed vocals and wall of noise from the drums and guitars is something to behold. Another great inclusion is later track Desperation, which is more of an electronically-driven number, and the title fits the song well as there’s almost a desperate vibe to the somewhat frenetically delivered instrumentation. It’s another hard-hitting track that will most definitely grab your interest.

The construction of the album can’t be faulted, and although mentioned earlier that it is a little on the lengthy side due to the number of tracks, it wouldn’t be quite the same if any songs were to be cut as the album has a good sense of direction and each track flows fantastically from one to the next.

All in all, another stellar release from Project Silence. If you’re big on your industrial, this is an album you won’t want to miss!


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