Singled Out: Project Silence – One Way To Hell

one way to hellFormed in 2008, Project Silence is a Finnish five-piece making music that has been categorised as experimental industrial metal. The band’s most recent single is One Way To Hell, which is a two-track release that’s a fantastic blend of metal and industrial music.

One Way To Hell opens with some fantastic and almost manic-sounding laughter, before continuing with a standard industrial style to the piece. It’s got a massive chorus that features some incredibly powerful vocals, but there’s nothing that really stands out at first…until the solo kicks in during the latter half of the song. To say it’s distinctive is an understatement and really makes the track stand out as a result and as a whole it’s a great song that plays on the band’s strengths.

The second track, Death And Madness, is a slightly noisier affair and the beat alone is wildly catchy, but the song isn’t quite as memorable as One Way To Hell and it admittedly took a few listens to properly get into it. It’s a good song, there’s no doubt about that, but it doesn’t quite go the extra mile in terms of standing out from the crowd.

An all-round very decent offering from Project Silence, who have proven with this release that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Definitely worth your while to check out.


Project Silence: Website|Facebook

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