Singled Out: Project Silence – Infection


Project Silence are back with their new single Infection, just in time for Christmas, and if this and their last single Flesh Of The God are anything to go by, then their upcoming album should be a fantastic listen.

Infection is another song that showcases Project Silence doing what they do best; it’s a very polished and together piece that really leaves a mark on you. The guitars in particular are something to behold, having a wonderful complexity to them, and it really helps to keep the song moving. Additionally, the vocals are as tremendous as ever – although they’re not the most powerful, they’re the perfect fit with the music and move as one with the instrumentation.

Although Infection is perhaps not as ‘industrial’ as their previous offerings, it proves that Project Silence is more than a ‘one trick pony’ and that they’re capable of writing varied songs rather than a bunch of generic songs following the same format as one another.

As a whole, Infection is a great listen and proves that great things are in store for Project Silence in 2016!

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