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Finnish industrial/black metal outfit Project Silence are currently getting ready to release their new single Flesh Of The God on June 6, so we took the time to ask founder Delacroix a few questions about it, and also reviewed it. Check it all out below!

What is the story behind Flesh Of The God?
For me Flesh Of The God talks about people who raise themself on a pedestal and above other people, nature and animals. Also little bit about religions and evil within the organisation. This song can be interpreted in many ways.

Can you describe the writing and recording process for the track?
I think I wrote this song back in 2012 and it was actually quite a quick process and that is usually the case with the songs I really like. I made a demo track with synths and we started to rehearse it quickly after and we even have played it for the first time live in Kuopio Rockcock 2014. We started to record a new album early in this year and we quickly decided that we are going to record Flesh Of The God first, since idea was to release it before anything else. We are doing the recording and mixing & mastering ourselves so we are going to record kind of slowly, not rush things and take our time and so we thought the best thing would be to release one song which would represent our current music style.

What made you choose to release it as a single?
It’s one of my favorite songs so far and I think it is simple, but catchy with pretty brutal guitars. It’s a great song to play live as well.

Would you say Flesh Of The God is representative of your next full-length album or is it more of a standalone piece?
Yeah it definitely is representing our next album, but there will be some mix with more electronic stuff as in earlier releases and some extreme metal influences as well, I think next album will be what I always wanted Project Silence to be in the first place.

And finally what do you have in the works for the rest of the year?
We are going to continue record our next album and have couple gigs along the way, we hope we are able to release the album this year, so we are working hard with it.

Flesh Of The God Review

Project Silence first appeared under my radar about a year and a half ago with the release of their rather good single One Way To Hell and I’ve been keeping an eye on them ever since, so I expected great things with their latest offering Flesh Of The God and I was not disappointed.

It follows on well from One Way To Hell, building on what was good about those two tracks and improving on it, and it’s one of those songs that grabs hold of your interest as soon as the introduction begins, sucking you into the music and immersing you in it as the ambience builds up into the full band joining in. The vocal performance is particularly powerful, with the harsh vocals sounding wonderfully deep and grimey, and there’s even a slightly cleaner delivery at one point, which adds just the right amount of melody into the mix.

Flesh Of The God is a great little track and if this is anything to go by, the new album will be absolutely excellent!

Project Silence: Website|Facebook

You can listen to Flesh Of The Gods ahead of its release over at Kaaoszine.

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