The Prodigy – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff 08/05/15


There’s a buzz in Cardiff and it’s not just the fact it’s a Friday night. For months people have been talking about how excited they are for this gig. There’s a lot of hype for tonight but The Prodigy are sure to deliver.

The crowd is a huge mix of fans from rockers to ravers to those in their mid fifties just ready to have fun. There are no boundaries here tonight as Keith states during part of the show. At one point I come across a fan dressed up in a Keith costume, double mohawk cap ’n all.

This tour sees them promoting recent album The Day Is The Enemy and they don’t hesitate to play new tracks. Most bands play three to four new songs but The Prodigy go out boldly and play nine out of the eighteen long setlist from the hit album.

They kick off with Breathe and from that moment the arena bursts into life and continues upward becoming more and more frenzied. Keith rages across the stage bantering with the guitarist whilst Maxim engages with the crowd with his intense way crying out my peoples. Liam doesn’t seem to stop behind his decks, working effortlessly as the music continues to flow.

Despite the barrage of new material people enjoy themselves. Although the little few who wanted older material (such as Experience) are left a little sore but they do throw in some oldies. But what’s so great about Prodigy is their music doesn’t grow old, even when they say here’s an old song it still feels as fresh as the day it came out. You forget how long they’ve been in this business yet their performance doesn’t mellow, they’re still just as active and as mad as ever. The newer material sounds massive live but doesn’t quite beat off Voodoo People and Smack My Bitch Up which seem to get the biggest reception of the night.

Mosh pits, glow sticks, old fans, new fans and a splash of old hits, tonight was quite the experience for all.


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