Process Of Guilt/Rorcal – 12″ Split Review

Process Of Guilt RorcalSplit releases can sometimes be fairly hit-and-miss, with one band inevitably outshining the other, but the 12″ split from Process Of Guilt and Rorcal is different. Although playing largely different genres, with Process Of Guilt playing crushing doom and Rorcal furiously frantic black metal, the two different styles complement one another well and it makes for a fairly formidable offering as a result.

The first three tracks on the split belong to Process Of Guilt, a three-part piece entitled Liar, and it’s a desperately melancholic offering that the band have clearly taken their time over. One especially good element is the amount of power and substance behind the vocals, and they really hold the music together, helping to maintain your interest from start to finish. The third movement is perhaps the strongest; consisting of ambience and clashing sounds that bring the three songs to a satisfying close.

The latter three tracks show Rorcal take centre stage, with three tracks entitled IX, X and XI, and the contrast between these tracks and the previous three is something to behold, with an all-round slow tempo replaced with a sheer wall of energy and deep substantial vocals replaced with a dirty snarl in comparison. It’s like Rorcal want to make as much noise as possible and it’s absolutely magical; the band have truly gone all-out and have given it their all, and it’s a pleasure to witness.

An all-round good release – and whilst it’s nothing new musically, it’s a fantastic combination of two talented bands and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of either genre.


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Rorcal: Facebook

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