Primitai – Rise Again Track By Track Review

Rise Again is the latest offering from metallers Primitai and is a great pure-and-simple rock album with old-school vibes mixed with a modern tone.

Fortune Favours The Brave
You can instantly tell that this band means business from the way this opening track is constructed. It’s a nice ballsy start to the album and features epic guitars mixed in with strong vocals for good measure. In short, it’s a huge opening track which sets up the album perfectly and gives a great impression of what’s to come.

Scream When You See Us
This one is definitely a little bit special as it features a guest appearance from Judas Priest’s very own Richie Faulkner. The feeling he injects into the song is unbelievable and the guitar work in the track adds a whole new dimension to it all! It’s almost a little disappointing when the vocals kick in to signify that his guitar solo is over, but it’s an extremely engaging track and one you will keep coming back to.

Rise Again
The third track, which is also the title track, is another very memorable number. With chugging guitars and crashing drums, with a catchy vocal line for good measure, the track burrows its way into your head and if you don’t want to start screaming the chorus by the end of it all, I’d be very surprised. This seems like a perfect live song.

Pound For Pound
This one unfortunately gets a little repetitive after a while. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that this song follows three massively strong tracks, but it just falls a little flat and the catchiness that had previously gripped you by the shoulders appears to have completely disintegrated, which was quite disappointing.

Driven Wild
Driven Wild picks up the pace again. The vocals in this one are huge and backed up magnificently by a heavy drumbeat. Featuring yet another mindblowing and unique solo, by this stage it is quite clear how much talent their two lead guitarists have. This track drives you wild, alright – wild for more!

The Cannibal
This track starts with a softer and more unique approach to it, unlike the previous energy-filled riffs right from the get-go. This is certainly more of a grower, but once you fully get into this track, you can really appreciate that this is the ‘epic’ of the album. Admittedly, it would probably fit in better as the last track, due to the triumphant feel of it all, but it is a great track overall.

Holy Defender
Holy Defender is not one of the strongest offerings of the album. Whilst it does feature a pretty good solo, that’s all there is to the track. Nothing really stands out about it, and it didn’t really capture my interest, winding up becoming a little tiring after a while.

Blink Of An Eye
One of the things that really stands out about Blink Of An Eye is the guitar line that runs underneath the vocal line in the chorus. It does detract a little bit of your attention away from the vocals, but it’s a great way to mix the album up and keep things fresh, so no complaints here!

The Huntress
Penultimate track The Huntress has a very distinctive verse to it and whilst it isn’t one of the runaway successes of the release, it holds its own very nicely and it begins to slowly wind the album down as it progresses, which is an interesting approach to take.

What Watches Over Me
Although it gets off to a fairly slow start, it winds up as another highlight of the album by the time the full band kicks in. It almost feels like the song revisits the idea of every other song on the album to sum up the release in the best possible way. What Watches Over Me ends with the guitars fading out, leaving the listener with something to think about. A fantastic way to end a fantastic album!

Rise Again is a release filled with huge tunes and skilled musicians – this is a very engaging release and if you like your rock with a bit of an old-school feel, you will absolutely love this.


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