Power Quest – Sixth Dimension Review

Filled with hope the sixth album from UK based power sextet Power Quest gallantly thunders through its near hour long runtime. With six musicians together on the sixth album from them called the Sixth Dimension this is their carbon album and as such is strong, durable and toasty.

It’s also easy to get entranced by this albums wistful guitar play. The technique Glyndwr Williams and Andy Kopczyk have on display here is precise and serendipitous to behold. Perfectly situated in the mix so as to beckon a closer listen. Having been mastered by Jens Bogren who has worked with Symphony X, Arch Enemy and Dragonforce you can expect the sound quality of this album to be at optimal levels.

Just as important in the mix but more vital to the compositions the synth work, a staple of this genre, is pure heavy metal bliss. With their bright timbre they ceaselessly excite the overall atmosphere within the tracks. Adding a smooth and silky texture to contrast the coarse tones of the guitars. Complimenting the melodies with a solid backbone.

There is just so much depth to this album. It’s hard to be critical when you’re enthralled by the love that it incites.

Another tick and a smiley face these maestros deserve is the lyrical content. Being both personal and not cheesy (another staple of the genre.) Now this could be down to their execution (and to an extent it is) but to be honest most male baritones sound similar in this genre so by deduction the lack of cheese can only be attributed to the quality writing. Quality writing that is prevalent through all aspects of this raucously brilliant album.


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