Postcards From Jeff – Modern Language Review

Postcards From Jeff Modern LanguageModern Language is the debut album by Postcards From Jeff and it’s a light and airy album that is easy on the ears and it’s certainly not a difficult listen but it does have a bit of problem standing out from the crowd in the already-oversaturated genre of indie pop.

This is an album that would slot well into the airwaves on any mainstream radio station; the instrumentation is very smoothly performed and the vocals have this wonderfully gentle and relaxed tone to them that fits in perfectly with the music but there’s just something about it all that lacks that special sparkle.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some great inclusions such as the emotive Tired Wings and stripped-back number Wide Eyed Wonder, but as a whole the album just doesn’t quite grab you. As mentioned earlier, it’s certainly not a difficult or taxing listen, but that is perhaps its problem – it could possibly do with a little more complexity at times in order to give things a bit more momentum and keep the album moving.

Modern Language definitely isn’t a bad album, but it feels like a little more is required for Postcards From Jeff to truly make waves in the industry.


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