Postcards From Arkham – ÆØN5 Review

postcards from arkham aeonsÆØN5 is the new album from Czech post-rockers Postcards From Arkham and it’s a great little piece, nice and atmospheric with some lush melodies and a wonderful touch of aggression to it all that really helps to improve the flow and adds a touch of variety and spice to it all.

One of the best elements of the album is the versatility of the vocals. There’s harsh, sang, whispered, spoken and even preached at times, and every single different approach works, which is surely testament to great songwriting. Additionally the songs all flow superbly from one to the next – clearly a lot of thought has gone into not just the music, but also the ordering of the songs as well.

The album as a whole is good, but it’s the closing track One World Is Not Enough that helps it to cross the line from a ‘good’ release to a ‘great’ one. The track is a truly triumphant number that ends the album on a high, especially thanks to the massive-sounding synth line that gives the track an extra bite and really gets it stuck in your head.

Postcards From Arkhan have created something to be proud of with ÆØN5 – there’s no question that this is a band that is going places because there’s a lot of potential to be found in this piece.


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