Pop Evil – UP Review

Pop Evil UPDespite the bands strange name, the sound that they produce is absolutely delightful. It’s a mix of dirty southern rock (which I absolutely love), some industrial and a bit of classic metal.

The album kicks off with opening track Footsteps. It’s a bouncy number with a solid, catchy drum beat and some pop rock vibes to the max. Fourth track Take It Off mixes the catchiness of pop music with some dirty rock sounds and produces what is easily a catchy as hell tune. There are not many lyrics to the song, which just means you’ll find yourself singing along pretty much instantly.

Ninth track Lux has a more nu wave sound to it and an eighties feel to it. It mixes sound industrial elements in there too and it feels very different to the rest of the album. The version I had also features a slow burning end track that was a bonus number called Confessions. It’s melodic and rounds the album out nicely.

This album is a strong release with a mix of sounds that work truly well together and aren’t so different that it seems like the band are struggling for their sound. There are possibly little refinements that are needed here and there to truly give this band “their” sound, but they’re heading in the right direction and they seem very comfortable in their chosen area and passionate about their product. The album is very much worth checking out to hear what’s on offer for something a bit different out there at the moment.


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