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polyphia museInstrumental music can be a lot of fun if done right and a band that is certainly ticking all the right boxes is Polyphia, who have just exploded onto the scene with their debut offering, Muse. A really enjoyable piece, boasting guest appearances from members of Intervals, Chelsea Grin and more, Polyphia have really set the bar high.

If you’re big on impressive guitar-work and showy solos, it goes without saying that you’ll love this one because there is so much shredding and guitar wizardry you almost can’t take it all in at once – whilst this album grabs you from the onset, it’s also one that requires a few listens to fully appreciate because there’s so much going on; you honestly spot something new every time you give it a spin, so if that’s not evidence of great songwriting, then what is?

A particular highlight is James Franco, which starts with an insanely catchy guitar hook that grabs your attention and holds it as the song progresses, and a really great point is the repeating guitar riff at around the 2:20 minute mark – it sounds complex yet simplistic, and swiftly gets stuck in your head.

Polyphia have really created something quietly brilliant with Muse. It’s a powerful offering that showcases some absolutely incredible songwriting and playing, and is a great album that will stick in your head for long after the closing chords ring out. An all-round excellent release.


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