Poisonous Birds – Big Water Review

Release date: 26th January 2018

Big Water is the latest EP from Poisonous Birds, consisting of three tracks spanning across art-rock, post-rock noise and industrial genres. It’s a slight departure from my last run-in with them (2017’s Gentle Earth) but simultaneously still sounds like them.

A little difficult to get into due to the ambient-driven nature of the music, at times it feels like a bit of a struggle to fully connect with due to the repeating simplistic lines peppered about the piece. Nevertheless, Big Water is uniquely intriguing and if you just take a step back, you can see how immersive it is as a whole.

Sounding more like a single track rather than three individual entities, this works both in Poisonous Birds’ favour and against. The flow can’t be faulted and the way everything just glides from one point to the next is fantastic. However, due to it sounding like one song, things do seem to merge together a little so it’s somewhat easy to lose focus on the EP as it progresses.

Big Water may not be the catchiest and striking listen, but it’s still worth your while to check out this bold bit of musical art – Poisonous Birds is certainly a band you need to keep an eye out for. Each release brings something new to the table and whilst I wasn’t quite able to connect with this one, I’m certain that next time round it’ll be a different story.


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