Pocket Apocalypse – Under Our Sky Review

pocket apocalypse under our skyUnder Our Sky is the debut album from Liverpudlian post-rockers Pocket Apocalypse and whilst it is a good album, it just isn’t all that exciting.

It’s certainly not a difficult listen, and Under Our Sky is a nice chilled little inoffensive listen that’s easy on the ears and isn’t all that complex, but that’s also arguably the album’s downfall. It’s nice, but that’s all it is – it’s difficult to fully connect with the album as a whole because the songs don’t really invoke massive reactions in you and take a fairly simplistic route.

As mentioned earlier, the songs are good. The Missing Piece is a massive-sounding song with big vocals and a chorus that’s perfect for singing along to – there’s a lot of potential for crowd participation in this track, to say the least. Leezl is a bit more of a punky song with a fuzzy-sounding introduction and a more forceful delivery from all the members of the band in comparison to the rather laid-back approach that’s been taken with many of the other tracks, which is good to witness.

However, that’s all Under Our Sky is – good. It has the makings of a great album, that much is clear, but for the time-being, it’s definitely more like background music than a full-blown album that demands your attention.


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