Editor’s Playlist – 30 March 2015

Would you look at that, it’s almost the end of March already, but we’ve got time for one more playlist before April officially gets underway! Check out what we’ve been listening to below, or listen to the playlist in full over on our last.fm page.

Nightwish – Élan
The wait is over and the new Nightwish album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, is here! Sadly it’s not available on Spotify yet, so I can’t embed my favourite track from the album (the title one), so for now you’ll have to settle with the video for the album’s lead single, Élan if you haven’t already picked up a copy for yourself – or if you need help making up your mind, you can also check out our review of it right here.

Evoss – Hourglass
Evoss are currently getting ready to release their brand new EP Reflections and we are absolutely loving it here at Soundscape – our review of it can be seen here. Hourglass is the band’s debut video and if you like this song and your rock melodic and well-written, then Reflections will be right up your street. When this band makes it big, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Moonsorrow – Pimeä
This week I finally got round to transcribing and posting my interview with Mitja Harvilahti of Moonsorrow in York, which in turn got me revisiting the excellent few shows of theirs that I attended in February. Pimeä was one of the strongest songs in all three sets I witnessed; in a live environment it had a tremendous amount of power and momentum to it and it was impossible not to bang your head along to it. Excellent stuff!

SuchTHaus – Eternal Life
SuchTHaus recently released a video for their cover of Mayhem’s track Eternal Life and it’s a great interpretation of a classic. SuchTHaus founder and renowned sculptor Spacebrain is no stranger to Mayhem, as he is the man behind many of Mayhem’s most recognisable stage sets, and indeed, the cover itself even features drums from original Mayhem drummer Hellhammer!

Impaled Nazarene – Flaming Sword Of Satan
It’s been about a year since Impaled Nazarene released their latest album Flaming Sword Of Satan and a year on, it still kicks exactly the same amount of ass, humourous censored Spotify artwork or not. Flaming Sword Of Satan is a truly incredible song that will inexplicably get stuck in your head due to its striking introduction and it’s one of those songs you just can’t listen to once. You can bet we’ll be down the front to see them at Incineration Festival in May!

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