Editor’s Playlist: 27 July 2015


It’s Monday, which can only mean it’s time for a new playlist at Soundscape! Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been listening to over the past seven days.

She Must Burn – Eclipse
Okay, wow. I am absolutely in love with the new EP from She Must Burn, entitled Under The Shadows, so it was a no-brainer that I was going to include it in this week’s playlist. Since I can’t include my favourite track from the release (Possessed) as it hasn’t yet been released, I’m instead going to include the track the band have recorded a video for, Eclipse, which is almost as good! Listen below and check out my review of the EP here.

Atreyu – Long Live
I for one am very excited that Atreyu are officially back and will soon be releasing their fifth studio album Long Live, which is their first in six years! The band have just released a video for the title track and it’s a stunning track with a stunning video to accompany it, and I for one hope this means the band will be back for a long time to come – Long Live Atreyu!

An Elegy – Ghost
Embrace The Rain, the new EP from An Elegy, is out today and since I really enjoyed it, what better excuse is there than to share Ghost, which is the single taken from it? If my review of it hasn’t whet your appetite, maybe giving this song a listen will get you in the mood to go out and buy the release! It’s a good ‘un!

Gwydion – Turning Of The Wheel
A couple of days ago, I discovered a great folk metal band called Gwydion, so not wanting to keep them to myself, decided to include them in this week’s playlist. Sadly, they have now split up, but they have three great albums to be getting on with, so make sure you give this track a spin and then check out some of their other work as well!

Kuolemanlaakso – Tuonen tähtivyö
On Saturday, I will finally be seeing Kuolemanlaakso live at RockCock in Kuopio, and excited doesn’t quite come close. Having absolutely impressed me with their latest album Tulijoutsen, I knew that one day I would have to see this band live – especially since their music is very important to me, and finally the day has come to witness them! As Tuonen tähtivyö was the first song I ever heard by them, I hold this song dear to me, and if you haven’t already heard of this band then I absolutely implore you to listen to them. Do it now!

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